Tomates - Time Management App Reviews

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What a Joke

App won’t open. But when i try to delete it, i get message that I can’t delete because it’s OPEN!. Save your money. i feel like i’ve been ripped off.

Simple, easy to use

Great work on this app. It is easy to use and I enjoy how little work it required to setup.

Don’t Get It

Maybe it’s a cultural thing. I see the developer is in Spain (love Spain). I don’t see anything intuitive. I downloaded (and paid) for Tomates and after messing around for about ten minutes, couldn’t understand how it works. The timer was running and I tried to enter a task - wrote the name and clicked on the + but it didn’t stick. I couldn’t seem to add a list of tasks. I gave up. I’m sticking with TopTracker for what I need.

Unable to label new task

…I click the plus button and am presented with a page to add a title for the task but there is no text cell to accept input. The cell shows a cursor but recieves no input. No logical way to add a task titel before starting task. Odd. Am I missing something?

Love everything - except that it only lives in the menubar

I love many things about this app. I particularly love the many ways in which it can be customized - naming each task, specifying how many tasks comprise a session, etc. But I don’t like that it only lives in the menubar and that you can only see it (and your progress) when you click on the menubar icon. I like to have my timers open on the desktop while I work. For that reason, I find myself using the Pomodoro Timer app instead of the Tomatoes Time Management app. I hope the developer will consider liberating it from the menubar in future versions.

Not great

Weird Ux… - Starts cycle when I open the app.. what? - Weird sunset-like icon in the upper-right corner quits the app.. - clicking on timer pauses it?? how about a button? - in fact all icons do unexpected things… - task duration can be configured between 20 and 30 minutes… FocusList has nice UX, you should copy some of that.

Very Very BAD User Experience

So difficult to work with that. I wish i could refound my purchase. Separate windows, no view of list of today task, …. bad , bad , bad. Honestly Bad. I think free apps like FocusList, Tomato One do the job better.


Amazing and useful minimalist app, I just wish a version of this was available for my iPhone.

Decent app—took some time to figure out

Wasn’t aware initially that this was only a menu app. Decent for what it does…reminds me to take breaks!

Tried them all.

Over the past six months I’ve tried every timer app on the market and finally settled on Tomates. It’s simple, looks great, keeps sensible track of sessions, tasks, and provides gentle notifications. Features I’d like to see in the future are hotkey support and an option for a floating timer.

Needs Improvement

Screenshots look pretty but in reality the UI and icons are confusing.

Requires Sierra, 10.12

Seems a bit extreme for a time management app. My perfectly good, non-work, 2009 MBP can only run 10.11

Pretty Good, But Some Problems

Overall pretty good, but I had a few problems while using this. First, sometimes the timer will freeze and I’ll pause it and unpause it to get it to unfreeze, at which point the timer will jump the duration of the time it was frozen. Second, there is no way to reset the amount of pomodoros without closing the app.

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